2016 Sermons

The Messiah: God's Light In The Darkness


Generosity Encouraged


It's All In The Family (Part 2)


It's All In The Family (Part 1)

Down But Not Cast Out

The Grace of Giving - Part Two


The Grace of Giving - Part One


In God's Time


Christ's Coming and Our Response


Turning Trials Into Triumphs


The Secret of Spiritual Contentment




Little Becomes Much


Prayer - The Spiritual Work of the Church

Unfortunately, we only have the first 17 mins of the sermon, but hope the part that we have still blesses you.

Celebrating God's Faithfulness

What Every Church Should Be


John 14:1-6


Living and Enjoying Life Abundantly


Riches or Righteousness, Which Comes First?


Count the Cost of Following Jesus


The Living and Personal God




Father's Day Message


Sermon Title: Press On: Stay Focused!

Bible Passage: Philippians 3:12-16

We were unable to capture the last 15 mins of the sermon, but we hope the first 22 mins will bless you.